Posted by: universitymindlab | December 11, 2007

Live the life you want, by living the life you want..

By Bakari Akil II, Ph.D. (Dec. 11, 2007) 

Live the life you want, by living the life you want…… 

It seems as if that is an absurd statement. If not absurd, then overly simplistic. Yet, this type of thinking is not often adhered to by those who find themselves trapped in circumstances they do not wish to exist in; the wrong job, the wrong neighborhood, the wrong relationship. Often times people who find themselves in adverse circumstances do not believe there is a way out and spend much time lamenting about their poor fortune. Little time is spent on concentrating on how they can change their lives and even less on trying to change it.

Well, the only way to extricate oneself from negative circumstances is to start placing oneself in positive circumstances. By positive, I mean in situations, environments and conditions that you would like to exist in.

For some people moving in a positive direction can be as easy as immediately quitting a job, breaking up with that significant other or simply moving to another neighborhood. Others may be concerned with the consequences, so a little planning is necessary.

Either way action is required.

No, “living the life you want, by living the life you want” is not a magic pill solution. It is instead a prescription that must be followed regularly until the objective has been achieved.  If you want to achieve something you have to immediately start doing the things necessary to say you have achieved the outcome you are looking for.

For instance, if you want to change careers then you have to go ahead and investigate and compile all of the steps that would be required for you to obtain that outcome. Once you have decided the best course of action, then you need to go ahead and start accomplishing the things on that list.

That would seem simple but people can find any reason to state why it is not possible or would be incredibly hard to do. However, what consideration is given to the fact that their life is already ‘hard’ as it is and if they do not alter their course, it will most likely get worse. Why? Because they are already unhappy. The passage of time doesn’t make things better, people just become numb.

We achieve things in life by doing, not by hoping, wishing and dreaming. Dreaming is for inspiration, hope should be replaced by faith that they can accomplish their goals and wishing is for people who are not taking steps to positively move towards their goals.

People who are in medical school are not hoping to be doctors, they consider themselves to be doctors in training. The same goes for any outcome. When you are working toward something you are in the process of becoming. If you continue, eventually you will achieve your goal.

But this can only be achieved if you take the steps to make your goal a reality.

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  1. I think the whole “Secret” craze has mislead people into thinking that visualizing and wishing will make their dreams come true, or that money will suddenly fall into their lap.

    For anything to happen, action is indeed required.

  2. […] After 4, 6, 9 or 12 months of daily effort you will begin to notice that you have achieved your objective or are well on your way. Multiplied effort is rewarded. You’ve created neural pathways that are automatically used by your mind and body to perform certain tasks. You will have improved your motor skills for physical activities. If it is an intellectual activity then you will be an expert or on your way to becomong one. The possibilities of what can be accomplished are endless. You are what you do and are living the life you want by living the life you want. […]

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