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How Audiobooks Can Change Your Life

How Audiobooks Can Change Your Life 

Bakari Akil II, Ph.D.       Jan 29, 2008

Revised Article (I wrote this article in 2004. The benefits may be already obvious to some, but to others it may way be a new way to expose themselves to what audiobooks have to offer.)

Are you tired of the consistently uncreative, shallow and repetitive music that permeates many radio stations or the mindless chatter that clutters news on the radio or televsion? If so, there is another alternative that can provide entertainment as well as help you gain knowledge. It may even help you improve as a person.

The alternative this author speaks of is audio books. Frankly, listening to music and media political pundits on a number of issues can be satisfying and can keep us up to date in a world where we are increasingly peppered by demands for our time and attention. Yet, at some point we may search for a deeper relevance, want to be exposed to deeper realms of knowledge or explore offerings beyond our satellite radios, cable TV or Internet.

This is where audio books can be of substantial help. Audiobooks can easily be purchased online, at bookstores or are available for checkout from your local library or if you are a student, at your school or university. They cover a multitude of subjects and can be either fiction or non-fiction. You can also choose whether you want to hear the abridged version, meaning that only important events are covered in the recording or the unabridged version where the book is read in its entirety. In other words, you choose the topic and are in control of the level of intensity you wish to experience.

Not only do you have a choice of topics, but many of these books are read or introduced by famous actors such as Matt Damon and Kevin Cosner, writers like Maya Angelou or Alice Walker, scholars such as Cornel West or comedians like Dennis Miller and Lewis Grizzard. Often the writer of the book will read their material. An additional plus of having the material read to you is that it frees you from the burden of having to physically commit to sitting down and forcing yourself to trudge through a book. The presenters of the material often have soothing or commanding voices that make the material even more interesting. Not to mention the idea of having the celebrity or famous personality conveying their personal stories to you makes it a more intimate experience than reading the material on your own.

One of the benefits of listening to these audio books is that you can fit it into your schedule without having to place too much emphasis on changing your lifestyle. Audio books can be listened to while driving your car or on your Mp3, CD or cassette player while riding the bus or subway. They are especially useful when traveling by train or airplane. You may even discover that listening to audio books can become addictive and may find yourself listening to them as you prepare for work, school or whatever you do in the morning. What may be the ultimate shock is one day you may start to listen to these books as a means for entertainment in general, instead of watching TV, listening to the radio or surfing the Internet.

Other ideal advantages to listening to audio books is that if you are already a person who is an avid reader you understand that even if you had enormous amounts of free time at your disposal, you still would not be able to read as many books as you would like. This is where audio books can be an ideal solution. Books that you may have wanted to read for years, but that you considered would be a selfish indulgence that your hectic schedule would not permit, can be listened to in your spare time as you mill around the house or tool around your city running errands. Issues that you may wish to know more about but don’t have the time or inclination to read about such as the U.S. constitution, how to improve your finances or what was Watergate really about can easily be found in audio books.

Depending upon what you listen to, as time passes and you have begun to devour or just moderately consume audio books, you may find that you have become more cosmopolitan in your understanding of world affairs. You may be able to recite obscure facts that may cause family, friends or co-workers to take a second look at you. It is very possible to become more of an expert on certain topics simply by listening to audio books. Audio books help fill in gaps in knowledge that may be missing from your traditional educational experience, whether you stopped attending school after grade school or after the completion of your Ph.D.

Further, if you begin to listen to audio books there will be many times where you may find yourself in conversations where knowledge gained from audio books will help in contributing to the topic being discussed. You may be amazed at the levels of understanding that audio books can provide. For the person who is a continuous seeker of knowledge and may use technologies such as XM radio and the Internet to augment information gained from books, newspapers and TV; audio books can also be an excellent way to gather information. Also, for the person who may just be looking for an alternative to what exists in media outlets, audio books can be another form of suitable entertainment.

So the next time you feel that you are not being offered enough media content to satisfy your intellectual longings or begin to get bored, incensed or dissatisfied with something you find on your radio, television or computer screen, think about giving audio books a try and open up a whole new world for your enjoyment.

Audio Book Topics

Legal and Medical Thrillers
Scary novels
Science fiction
Short Stories


Social Commentary
Biographies and Auto-Biographies
How To Books
Comedic Writing
Documentary Writings



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  1. Yes I agree with this post because audio books can really change our life as it provides entertainment in general, instead of watching TV, listening to the radio or surfing the Internet.we can listen any where because of their mobility.

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