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Creating Growth Environments

Creating Growth Environments


By Dr. Bakari Akil II 


Sometimes no matter what you try to accomplish, it seems as if everything is against you. Are you trying to spend more time with your family or friends; trying to make exercise or playing a sport a habit; trying to eat healthy and create an attractive physique; want to find ways to enjoy your work; or in any way trying to increase your social, intellectual and spiritual growth?


However, the intense longing that you have for this growth remains just that, a longing. Many people attribute their lack of success and ability to get what they want to laziness, a lack of will power or even think that they are just a failure. Yet, how many of you have seriously contemplated that the reason that you may not be able to accomplish the things that you desire is because you are in the wrong environment.


Often times we look inward and come to the conclusion that we just don’t have what it takes to succeed when we try to understand why we are not living the way we would like.  But, if we looked more closely we could see that even if we had tremendous amounts of will power, drive and enthusiasm we still would not be able to accomplish what we wanted with any degree of success.


Environment is the missing element that when combined with the proper mindset can bring fantastic results. Further, mindset is never an issue if what you are trying to accomplish is something that you are passionate about and would love to do. Think about the things that you loved to do or really appreciated in the past. Did someone have to motivate you to do it? Probably not!


Therefore, if you have the proper mindset, environment is a key predictor of whether or not you are achieving your goals.


Let’s explore some easily measurable scenarios to prove this point.


Scenario One


For instance, what if family and friends are very important to you but you live in another state or too many miles away to see them as often as you would like. Or your job could require that you spend so many hours working that you have no extra time to visit with your loved ones. Many people bemoan the fact that they aren’t able to spend precious moments with family and friends and suffer through the pangs of withdrawal rather than doing the obvious. Instead of packing up and moving close to their family or finding a new job or ways to lessen how much time they spend working they continue to suffer through the pain.


Scenario Two


What if health, fitness and an attractive physique is very important to you, yet you never seem to have the time to exercise, train or workout. Either that or you are too tired.  After a hard day, you don’t feel like going to the gym and you don’t have enough time to prepare proper meals. Enjoying a sport or hobby that you would desperately like to participate in is out because it would be very inconvenient because there are no facilities where you live or no one around that seems interested in what you are interested in.


You are not a slacker who wants to sit on the couch and swallow potato chips and cookies all day. You just don’t have the options available so you can be your best.



Well, what if you lived in a neighborhood or apartment complex that had a 24 hr gym? How about moving to a neighborhood that has tennis or basketball courts, a golf course, recreational facilities and large open fields where you can play any outdoor sport you would like. How about moving to a place that has sidewalks, paths to walk, jog or bike. What about finding a community that takes activities like this seriously?  


If you had a community such as this and you really wanted to improve your fitness and perhaps sex appeal, then in such a neighborhood all you have to do is walk out your door and take advantage of the amenities.




At times we often forget that life does not have to be analyzed and dissected ad nauseum. Often problems can be solved through a simple adjustment. When parents want their children to have a better education than the one their school district offers many of them solve the problem by moving or sending them to live with a relative in the upscale district (or at least they claim they live there). Teen-agers who have ‘had it’ with their neighborhood or living in their parent’s home apply to colleges in another state, get a job and move out or do something drastic like joining the Peace Corp.


My point is that if for major issues such as a child’s education or a teenager’s freedom from parental authority or the negative effects of a neighborhood can be addressed by simple life-changing actions, then issues that are important to you can be changed in the same fashion.  


Whether it’s altering your lifestyle so you can begin to build wealth; joining clubs for social and business contacts or moving to a neighborhood that makes it unbelievably easy to manage your health; arranging your life so that your environments contribute to the areas you wish to grow the most is the way to go.


Stop relying on sheer willpower and tenacity. Connect your passion with the right environment and watch the champion take center stage…


If these posts inspire you, leave a comment. I would be happy to hear from you!



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