Posted by: universitymindlab | July 26, 2008

What’s Your Hook Value?

What’s Your Hook Value?

By Bakari Akil II, Ph.D.

Even those of you who are not business professionals have probably heard a lot concerning branding and marketing. However, questions that apply to corporations and businesses can also be applied to our personal and professional lives.

Think about your friends and associates. Each one probably has a very useful function. One person may bring fun times and jokes. Another may keep ‘juicy’ secrets you have to get off your chest. Another may always be willing to play a game of tennis, a few holes of golf or run a trail with you. Another may always be in the know about what’s happening in your locale.

On a slightly more serious note, why are people attracted to you? What makes people want to work or conduct business with you? Why would people want to become apart of your inner circle or you to become a part of theirs? What makes you memorable and makes people excited to see you? Why would someone want to have the insert your name experience again?

In other words, what is your hook and how do you use your hook(s) to improve your business and social relationships?

It is really rather simple. To attract, gain access or to be invited again into the business or social circles you are interested in, you have to develop the character traits or qualities that other members will consider valuable to their group. By understanding this concept and increasing your ‘hook value’ you can increase your current worth to groups you already belong to and ones you are seeking to enter..

Your value can be applied in numerous ways. It could be:

Specific Knowledge – Humor – Loyalty – Clutch Performer – Creative Input – Overall Intelligence – Charm – Conversational Ability – Inside Information (legal) – Athletic Ability – Leadership Skills – Networking Ability – Public Speaking Ability – Writing Skills – Marketing Skills – Organizational Skills – Charitable Mindset

Any of these characteristics could be your ‘hook.’ They can be natural talents that you further develop or non-talents that you cultivate. Either way, if used sincerely and when it counts, your hook should bring more values to others and your own life. Thereby increasing your options in many areas.

Use your ‘hook’ to your advantage.



  1. Great article! My Hook Value is to familiarize business minded individuals with the various online networking sites available on the internet.

  2. Thanks.

    Continued success with your website….

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