Posted by: universitymindlab | August 27, 2008

The Achievement List

The Achievement List

By Bakari Akil II, Ph.D.

Imagine, the goal or outcome you desire is somewhere off in the distance. You may want to create a new challenge for yourself or continue at something you already have experience with. Yet, your confidence to begin or carry on may be low to non-existent.

What do you do?

At times we lose sight of the big picture because of a momentary setback or even a series of setbacks. An event may occur at just the ‘wrong’ moment or may be so overwhelming that we figure accomplishing our goals may be impossible.

During these moments, I ask that you step back and re-focus. In order to gain a different perspective, take a different approach. If you are thinking about something new but are lacking confidence, try this. Take out a sheet of paper. Then think about your life and list all of the numerous achievements, big or small, that demonstrate that you are capable of meeting, finishing and excelling at any activity you have set your sights upon.

If you are having doubts about some goal that you have been working on for a while, say a sport or educational goal, list all of the successes, no matter how minor, you have had up to this point. By doing this exercise it allows you to see the growth and development you have already achieved. It also helps you to change your mental state and realize that facing difficulty is not a new experience and one that you have successfully mastered before.

Review your list as necessary and if you want you can transfer it to index cards or a small sheet of paper that you can review wherever you go. Sometimes we just need a little reminder of just how great we really are…… and that we can accomplish what we will.



  1. Nice to read your article on ways to success in life. Writing down our thoughts will show our capabilities storied inside us.
    I try it up and enjoy your ideas for my success.
    thank you

  2. Thanks Saravana for the great compliment.

    I wish you well.

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