Posted by: universitymindlab | September 9, 2008

Do you have a Team?

Do you have a Team?

By Bakari Akil II, Ph.D.

A team.

All great people have them, even if they are behind the scenes. Politicians, authors, fighters, CEOs all have individuals, seen and unseen, who provide counseling, training and a host of other support services; including a kick in the pants if necessary.

In life, no one can survive on their own and for great accomplishments we all need people to help us along the way. But beyond the ordinary roles people play in helping one achieve a dream, sometimes we need a group of individuals specifically devoted to our cause. People who know what the mission is; know how to achieve it or have a plan; and are willing to put their time and energies into making it happen.

A great team can provide wisdom and insight; they can guide you in the right direction; and they can hold you steady when you are not at your best. A great team helps fill in the gaps in knowledge and skills you don’t possess and can make sure that you will become well rounded.

In my route to the Ph.D., I had a superb team that led me through my dissertation process. I had to assemble a committee of four professors who pointed out skill sets and a knowledge base I would have to master before moving on. They provided much needed direction, tips and pointers on how to proceed through the maze that is the dissertation process. 

They met with me constantly to monitor my progress and provided the necessary nudges I needed when the time arose. They even pointed me to outside experts who could further help in my journey. Without their high expectations and standards I would have never have achieved what I have thus far.

So in your life, who is on your team? —-  Is there something that you’re trying to achieve but are going at it alone? If so,


Assemble a network of people who can lead you in the right direction. A group that can support you in becoming the best you can be. Get the best people you can, give your all and let them help you lead yourself to success.



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