Posted by: universitymindlab | September 12, 2008

Keep your Door Open

Keep your Door Open

By Bakari Akil II, Ph.D.

In my role as a professor there are many choices I have to make daily. One of them is whether I should keep my office door open or closed. It seems like a simple question, not requiring much thought. However, each choice has far reaching consequences.

In my profession, a professor who constantly keeps a closed door signals that they are either never present; unapproachable; or always to busy to be bothered. This also means that their research had better be impeccable if they want to advance in their field.

I choose to keep my door open. Of course there are times when I must close the door in order to conduct a private conversation or practice fine points of a lecture one last time. But, in general, an open door invites greetings, conversations with colleagues, invitations to lunch, opportunities to be social and makes sure we are able to serve the needs of the students. In a broader sense it also demonstrates the commitment to the position. Colleagues also approach with opportunities for research and it increases networking opportunities.

In your own life, do you keep your door open?

How often do we ‘close doors’ to great opportunities because we cling to what is familiar; are too busy to look up or let ourselves become trapped in our own ‘shells?’

An assignment:

Look for ways you can be more open to greater opportunities in your business or job, social networks or with friends and family. You will be glad you did…


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